travanj 3, 2019

“Why do I hike” – Documentary project

Došla je i nova sezona hodanja i vrijeme za novi veliki projekt koji se rađa već dugo u mojoj glavi. Nakon PCT-a i suradnje s Tinom […]
rujan 11, 2017

Kako ljetovati za manje od 1000 kn/Summer vacation in Croatia for less than 160$

First of all – please sign up on my landing page so you can get an early bird bonus perks in crowdfunding campaign for my book […]
kolovoz 10, 2017

Genesis of a trail, Pt. 6: Trail magic!!!!

On 1. of August we hiked only 10 miles (16 km). Friend of ours told us we can crash at his place in the village of […]
kolovoz 8, 2017

Genesis of a trail, Pt 5: Bloody hell, Sun is trying to kill us!

Branko woke me up around 6. Immediately I needed to use restroom. But, cafe was still closed. So I had to run all over wooden bridge. […]
kolovoz 7, 2017

Genesis of a trail pt. 4: Sun and heat – extreme situation

We woke up at 7 o’clock. First thing that in sight was tractor approaching and ready to plow the field. We packed our shit and left […]
kolovoz 6, 2017

Genesis of a trail, Pt. 3: Nobody gives a shit…

I slept with my ear plugs, because of Branko’s snoring and ships on Danube river. Lots of ships, I can tell you that. Mostly touristic, on […]
kolovoz 5, 2017

Genesis of a trail, Pt. 2: Oh, you are not immigrants!

It was mild although humid night. Even mosquitoes weren’t so bad. Branko and I woke up at 7 just before Igor called me to tell me […]
kolovoz 4, 2017

Genesis of a trail, Pt.1: Meet Croatia in person!!!!!

Making a trail is tremendous work. But PCT did so much good to me that I needed to give a piece of that love to my […]