"Space is slow, Earth as well. And the wilderness is slow, just like our heart. Maybe that's the reason why wilderness is giving us the most when we reach it slow, on foot...."



To publish a book is a big thing for every author. Even more if he publishes the book by himself. That's the tough road to take. But, I choose my roads not because those roads are easier, but right. It was right thing to self publish a book about my PCT adventure. And now I am publishing my second book - Croatian Long Distance trail handbook called - Meet Croatia in person - Tesla's handbook for hikers.

Adventure filming

If you happened to visit Croatia and you need good video of your activities in mountains, ofroad trips, fishing or sailing take me in consider. As a former PCT and CLDT thru hiker I will certanly follow you wherever you go.

Hiking classes

Everybody knows it is easy to hike. That's true, unless you are hiking more than 500 miles. That's a game changer. Not everybody knows how to that. That's the reason I have founded hiking classes. This classes will give you inside view in intense life of hikers, hiker equipment and best ways to stay safe out there. More than 4300 miles is good evidence I am good man for this job.


With more than 70 travelogues about PCT I can say I know how to give audience what they want and need. By vocation I am master of theology so stories and writing are core of my inner me.

Tesla: Year of the Beginning – documentary

Pacific Crest Trail - Tesla: Year of the beginning is documentary about my 2016. PCT thru hike. To find a good director was not easy. I didn't want to put videos by myself. I was just not the right man for that job at the moment. I needed a man with experience. First man who came up was Tin Borovčak. He offered me 15 minute movie, but I wanted big thing. Months went thru, and I figured out that I better have 15 minute movie than none. The rest is history. Movie got two prizes (gold, bronze) and fans react really well to it. Watch it and make you own judgement.

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